The Rock Says book. Read 88 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Rock says Know your damn role--and shut your mouth! But th. The Rock says "Know your damn role--and shut your mouth!" But that simple catch-phrase, embraced by the millions ñand the millions--of The Rock's fans. The Rock is layin' the smack down! With unapologetic honesty, and inimitable style, The Rock tells his story from his boyhood days traveling around the world.

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Jul 22, The Rock says by Dwayne Johnson; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Wrestlers, In library, Accessible book, World Wrestling. May 25, Download PDF The Rock Says | PDF books Ebook Free Download Here. Sep 6, [grey_box]. The Rock Says by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Joe Layden HarperEntertainment; First Edition edition, January 5,

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. Voice shifts like this ruin the flow of a work, and for me personally, turned a likeable book to an annoyance.

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Three out of five stars. Dwayne Johnson is not Mick Foley. He's not Arn Anderson. His life story is his own, and The Rock is his own character. I guess they wanted to spend 18 bucks on exactly the same thing they spent to read in Foley's great book, or whatever they spent to read in Anderson's book.

Tucker’s Rating: 4 / 10

In fact, it's a pretty good read. Dwayne Johnson has not done what Mick has, either in his life or in his book. What he has done is tell his own experience, his own life. And I think it's worth it to read it.

Yes, there is a big section in the middle in which he calls his own matches as The Rock speaking in the third person. But why are you all surprised? Did you think The Rock wouldn't show up? It's a character he plays, a skin he walks into when he works. I think that it is appropriate to give The Rock his own section because of his importance in Johnson's life.

However, I do think it could have been cut in half without hurting a thing. So here it is: The Rock starts on page Chapter 11 and Dwayne Johnson takes over again on page Chapter 14 and pretty much stays in control from there.

I stuck with it and was not disappointed. If you didn't stick, you missed Johnson's really cool rememberance of how he worked with Steve Austin to make the Wrestlemania XV match as good as they could get it and how they celebrated afterward. You missed the tribute to Owen Hart. You also missed what Dwayne Johnson thinks of The Rock as a character and a lot of his thoughts on the role of fans in his work.

Judge this book on its own merits.

Johnson and his ghostwriter make a pretty good team, and the book is quite entertaining. If you can't handle as much of The Rock as Johnson dishes, skip that section. No one's twisting your arm to suffer through it, and it's very plain where it ends and where it begins. For a 27 year old, the Rock Says For one, he appreciates how others have helped him out. Also, he has a powerful loving relationship with his lovely wife, Dani.

It really impressed me that no matter where he is in the world, Rock.. To me that speaks alot about true love. There is quite alot of information in here about Rocky's 27 years. A great deal of emotions, feelings, and some inspiring stories. I have mixed feelings about when Dwayne turns into the Rock Character in mid-book. Its an interesting special effect when he takes on his Rock Persona in his match with Steve Austin.

However, all those curse words are unnecessary. The Chapters on Austin and Hart were well done.

Overall, this is a good light read as I would not be surprised if a follow-up to this biography. The Rock is without a doubt the best dude on the stick in all of the Wrestling World and it shows as Rocky is getting offers to appear in movies and television left and right.

Rock Man, there may be a day when you become the "Among The Premiere Entertainers" in all worlds one day! One person found this helpful. Paperback Verified download. Enjoyed the book for what it was.

A peak at the rise of a popular wrestler who is still young.

I think people tend to want to read all details of private lives but I enjoyed the book for what it was. A peak at a hard worker who started out low but decided to grab the bull by the horns and go for it in life using his body for something athletic and entertaining.

He wanted to be somebody and he made it happen. I'm sure it won't go into some prestigious award but it doesn't need to that's not the point. I don't get the bother that the book goes into Rock talk. I mean the title is The Rock Says Still a good read if you like The Rock and want to read about his early struggles. I think the second autobiography will be a really good read as Dwayne Johnson matured and has stepped into Hollywood.

So if you want to get a peak into his early start then enjoy this book. Despite the hostility from some of the reviewers which from reading the reviews, I don't think many of the negative reviewers even read the book considering many of them were posted well before the book was released this is an excellent book. Johnson has taken a great deal of flak for not being the writer of this book.

Some people shouldn't write their own story as their writing skills may not be on par with those of a professional writer. The most important part is the story, which does come from "The Rock". He has led a very interesting life and this book is a must read for all of his fans. I will say, this book is not quite as interesting or as well writting as Mankind's "Have A Nice Day" hence the 4 star rating but it is still worth a read.

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But this means more questions. What changed?Not the big, glossy colour pictures that seem to decorate the middle of virtually every biographical work, but the black and white pictures that decorate the starts of chapters and are added throughout the text.

We want MORE! He admits to nothing besides the Montreal Screwjob, and,,even then, he makes himself to be the victim. And that is a tragedy within itself, knowing the greatness of the man. Jan 11, Ruben O.