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soulsilver official strategy pdf - Pokemon Heartgold. Soulsilver Official Strategy. Guide Pdf Pokemon x. /uamp, pokemon y: the official pokemon strategy. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver published by Prima Games in March. Prima Official Game Guides Poki 1 2 Mon [PDF] [EPUB] The native Johto Pokédex in Pokémon. HeartGold & SoulSilver is almost identical to.

This update will be amended throughout the day so be sure to check back. This episode features what happened to Pikachu, Lycanroc, Meltan and Rowlet when Ash had been sent back in time by Celebi.

Click the picture to go to the gallery but be warned however as they contain spoilers. Swampert is very strong. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. Swampert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins.


If a storm is approaching, it piles up boulders to protect itself. It can swim while towing a large ship. It bashes down foes with a swing of its thick arms. Participating in this brings a special title reward based on Chandelure, and if you place highly you'll get other titles based on your placement. This set is called Remix Bout and will release in Japan on July 5th Use this in combination with the Recommended Route chart p.

Johto Adventure Walkthrough Protected by copyright. This is where you will receive your rst Pokmon and begin your journey across Johto. Professor Elms Pokmon Lab. Youll hear how exciting it is to go on an adventure and how awesome Pokmon are. The Mail even has a Marill stamp. At the start of the game, come down from the second oor and talk to your mom. She says that Professor Elm has been asking for you. You can now use the menu to save the game and access your Bag and Trainer Card.

If youre a boy, your friend is a girl If you choose the boy for your hero, the supporting role goes to Lyra, the girl. But if you pick the girl, then the supporting role goes to Ethan, the boy. The professor is known worldwide as an eminent authority on Pokmon Evolution. Then he lets you choose a Pokmon from one of three Pok Balls. Choose with care! Professor Elm received a message from Mr. Pokmon, who lives north of Cherrygrove City. It sounds like he needs something.

Now that you have a Pokmon, Professor Elm asks you to go see what Mr. Pokmon wants. Go home and talk to your mom before heading off to Mr. Pokmons house. Shell give you the Pokgear, now back from being repaired. The Pokgear is a handy device that lets you call your stored contacts at any time.

Youre going to need it on your long journey. Head west through town until you reach Route Just before you get there, Professor Elm will dash out of his lab to make sure you have his number recorded on your Pokgear. With all your preparations complete, its time to follow Route 29 p. When you mention that youve battled the boy, the Policeman asks his nameso go ahead and say what it is.

Try this out with lots of different Pokmon. The Pokgear stores more info as time goes on The Pokgear does more than store important phone numbers. You can also use it to store the numbers of regular Trainers you meet on your adventure.

The more you travel, the more useful it becomes. Talk to your mom on your way out of the house and shell offer to create a savings account from part of your battle winnings. This is actually a great idea, because she can then download you some very rare Berries p. Heal your Pokmon at the lab Your Pokmon is sure to pick up some bumps and scrapes during your trip to Mr.

Remember, you can use the PC at the Pokmon Lab to heal it back up. The nearest Pokmon Gym is in Violet City, but rst youll have to get there. Youll need to take Route 29 p.

(Prima 2010) - Pokemon Heartgold & SoulSilver - Pocket Pokedex Vol 3 .pdf

The professor is surprised hes never seen anything like it in the Johto region. In return for the amazing sight, he gives you an Everstone.

Elms last Pokmon is carefully guarded Since one of Professor Elms Pokmon was stolen by the red-headed boy, the police are on heightened alert. His remaining Pokmon is now protected by a glass case.

Now that you have eight Gym Badges, he gives you a Master Ball to commemorate the occasion. This is the ultimate Pok Ball, capable of catching any Pokmon. You only get one, so use it wisely!

Professor Elm says that the Kimono Girls came to the lab looking for you. He says that theyre waiting for you at the Ecruteak Dance Theater. Use Fly to zip over to Ecruteak City p. Check out some of the features unique to each game. But start up Pokmon SoulSilver Version, and the title screen shows Lugia swimming through the ocean depths. Each game has a slightly different Pokmon selection. Some Pokmon are exclusive to one version or the other. Youll have to trade with friends to catch them all and complete your Pokdex.

On a request from Professor Elm, you head for Mr. Pokmons house, which lies north of Cherrygrove City.

Youll encounter wild Pokmon if you walk through the tall grass, so start battling and level up your Pokmon. Grn Apricorn Tree Route Gather items as you go Youll sometimes see an item just lying there on the ground. Examine it and its yours. If you see something, dont hesitate to check it out. As you walk through the tall grass, youll rustle up Pidgey, Sentret, and other Pokmon.

You dont have any Pok Balls at this point, so you cant catch them yet. Just battle them to level up your Pokmon. Their levels are rather low, so defeating them shouldnt be a problem. Come back to the tree p. In the middle of Route 29, youll see a gate that leads north to Route Unfortunately, you cant get past the ledge just beyond the gate, so leave it for now and continue on your errand for Professor Elm. To get to Mr. Pokmons house and complete your errand for Professor Elm, take Route 29 all the way west, continuing through Cherrygrove City until you reach Route Dont rush!

Take time to battle Pokmon along Route 29 as you head west toward Cherrygrove City p. Talk to her to receive the TwistedSpoon.

Once youve met all of her siblings, you can get the Shock Ribbon p. This is the rst city you visit after leaving New Bark Town. Theres no Pokmon Gym here, so theres no Gym Leader to battle. But once you nish your errand for Professor Elm and prepare to head home, your rival issues you a challenge.

Route 30 to Violet City. Pok Mart far counter Air Mail As you enter the city, youll see an old man standing there. He also shows you the way to Route 30, telling you thats where Mr. Pokmons house is located. Walk a mile in my shoes When he gives you the Running Shoes, the Guide Gent claims theyre still warmfresh off his own feet! Hes kidding, of course, but its still a mental image you just do not need. The Guide Gent gives you the Running Shoes in gratitude for your keeping him company.

The Wi-Fi Club: Youll be able to check it out after you reach Violet City p. Heal it at the Pokmon Center. The Centers other features arent open yet. But the people there have information that will come in useful during your adventure. Take this chance to sign your name or nickname on the back of your card using the stylus.

Then you can show off your signature to your friends in the Union Room p. Before you head north to Route 30, pick up supplies at the local Pok Mart. The Pok Mart stock expands as you earn more Gym Badges p.

This one doesnt sell Pok Balls just yet, but you can load up on Potions. Ride the waves! One item you can get this way is the rare and valuable Mystic Waterbe sure to grab it. With the card loaded, your Pokgear has a map function that shows the entire Johto region and your current position.

Study the map whenever youve lost your way. You can record all kinds of info on the Town Map. Keep track of important info and goals by using the eight icons and the easy chat system to enter notes. See page 51 for more on the easy chat system. Once youve settled your business in town, head north on Route It wont be long before you spot Mr.

Pokmons house on the far side of the route. Talk to Mr. Pokmon in order to fulll your promise to Professor Elm p. Read your rivals name Your rival announces that hes going to be the strongest Pokmon Trainer in the world, and then he leaves. But hell hurry right back. He dropped his Trainer Card, and now hes flipping out because you picked up the card and saw his name. Before you continue east on Route 29, youll run into the red-headed boy you met at Professor Elms Pokmon Lab.

First he taunts you, then he challenges you to a Pokmon battle. Its on! Your rivals Pokmon depends on the starter Pokmon you selected. Hell use the one that targets your starters type weakness. Totodile Lv. After winning the match with your rival, take Mr. As youll recall, New Bark Town is just east of Route 29 p.

A steep hill ahead Surf west of town and youll find a hill that can be scaled using Rock Climb. Thats great, but you cant get up there just yet. Youll have to come back later, once youre able to use Rock Climb. Now there are two cashiers, selling a wider range of goods.

Savvy shopping tip: Route 30 is where youll nd the home of Mr. Pokmon, the fellow who contacted Professor Elm. Pokmon gives you a Mystery Egg to carry. Route 31 continues on to Violet City. Follow Route 30 north and youll come across a house. Talk to the man inside and hell give you an Apricorn Box.

Once you have it, you can pick Apricorns from Apricorn Trees. Even if you pass his house without stopping inside, you can still get the Apricorn Box. Gather Apricorns every day Each tree produces only one color of Apricorn. When you want a particular color of Apricorn, remember where its tree is and visit it every day.

You can pick Apricorns from the tree right next to the mans home, so try it right away. Pick that Apricorn as well. As soon as you enter his house, Mr. Pokmon comes over and entrusts you with a Mystery Egg. He says that hes holding the Egg for a friend in Ecruteak City, and Professor Elm should take a look at it. When youre done talking to Mr. Pokmon, its Professor Oaks turn.

He'll give you the Pokdex and ask you to complete it. Before you leave the house, he also records his phone number in your Pokgear. This will give you an idea of how complete your Pokdex is. As soon as you leave Mr. Pokmons house, Professor Elm calls and tells you to return at once. Its an emergency! Hell give out lots of juicy tips on where to find wild Pokmon.

Pokmon Trainers are lined up on the west side of Route 30, and theyll challenge you to battle if you make eye contact. Accept their challenges so you can level up your Pokmon. Youll earn prize money by winning battles, too. Some Trainers want to trade phone numbers once the match is over. Theres no reason to say no. Swapping contact info gives you a chance to have a rematch and maybe receive a nifty item. Catch a bunch of Bellsprout There are wild Bellsprout on Route 31 and youll want to catch at least two of them.

Use one to illuminate caves with Flash. The other one is needed for a Pokmon trade in Violet City. The entrance to Dark Cave is on Route If you enter the cave, however, youll just be stumbling around in pitch darkness. The only solution is to have a Pokmon light up the cave with Flash, so come back once you have a Pokmon that knows the move p.

Go north on Route 30, then west on Route 31 where a gate leads to Violet City. See page 44 for instructions on how to use it. Read the signs Pass through the gate to Violet City Be sure to read any signs you see posted along routes or in forests.

They may contain important informationignore them at your own risk! The rst thing to do is heal your Pokmon at the Pokmon Center, then stock up on recovery items at the Pok Mart p. Then open the Pokmon menu and select Spearow. The young man will give you TM44 Rest in exchange.

Receive items through phone calls from Trainers Trainers usually call you to ask for a rematch, but some Trainers want to give you a gift. Always answer your calls!

You might receive an Evolution item, such as a Water Stone, or valuables like a gold Nugget you can sell. After youve been to the Lake of Rage and gotten the Red Scale p. Pokmon on Route 30 to receive the Exp. This useful item lets Pokmon rack up Exp. Points without even going into battle. Theres just something about this city that makes you feel all nostalgic inside. This is also the city where youll have your rst Gym Battle, so make sure youve done some training, too.

Sprout Tower. Pok Mart far counter Heal Ball A city with old-fashioned flair Violet City is a city that treasures its past. Thats why the local Pokmon Center and Pok Mart have roofs in traditional shades of red and purple.

The Violet Gym is right there in the middle of the city. But when you enter, youre stopped by a man with dark glasses. You cant challenge the Gym unless you clear Sprout Tower rst. Get ready and head over to Sprout Tower. Theres a Pokmon School on the east side of Violet City. The teacher, Earl, isnt aroundyoull have to go get him. Hes outside, between the Violet Gym and the Pok Mart. Talk to Earl, and hell take you back to the School to start your studies.

Whats Bills great success? The blond-haired boy by the Pokmon Center will trade Shards for Berries. If you bring him a Shard, hell give you a set of three Berries. The boy who cried odd tree?

A boy near the Pok Mart is all worked up. He says he saw a tree that moves! The tree is on Route 36and its actually a Sudowoodo. Water it with the SquirtBottle to reveal its true nature p. Talk to the boy on the east side of the School and hell invite you to join his group.

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After creating a group, you can go to the Union Room and pool your records. You can also form a group with your friends, which causes some cool things to happen in your game p.

Talk to the youth near the top of the west escalator in the Pokmon Center to choose how you appear to other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and wireless communications. The available forms are different for each player. Four people to trade with There are four people in Johto who will offer to trade you Pokmon. The Pokmon theyre offering have valuable items, so try to take as many of them up on it as you can.

Talk to the bespectacled boy inside the house near the Pokmon Center to start a Pokmon trade. If you trade him Bellsprout, hell trade you Onix. Think of it as practice for future trades p. Dark Cave detour Take on Sprout Tower first p. Explore the cave with an eye towards preparing for your Gym Battle p.

Go north through town to reach Sprout Tower. Youll also gain the right to challenge the Violet Gym. Make sure youre ready for battle before you go in. Use Rock- or Electric-type moves Violet Gym has a simple layout. Take the elevator up and follow the path to reach Gym Leader Falkner. His Pokmon are both Flying types. Look out for his Pidgeotto, which uses Roost to recover HP. Zephyr Badge Lets you use Rock Smash in the field. Pokmon up to Lv. Youll get a call from Professor Elm when you exit the Violet Gym after your victory.

The professor has learned something about the Mystery Egg, and he wants you to ask his assistant about it. His assistant is at the Pok Mart, so head on over. She wants you to take good care of the Egg because its extremely precious. The girl leaves, but it sounds as if she already knows whats inside the Egg Professor Elms assistant is just inside the Pok Mart.

Hes the one with the glasses. Talk to him and hell ask you to raise the Pokmon Egg. Put it in your party, walk around, and wait for it to hatch. Now when you go to the Pokmon Center, the escalator to the bottom oor is open. Go downstairs to get the Pal Pad from Teala.

Use Surf to collect items After you beat the Ecruteak Gym p. To get there, youll be taking Route 36 p. Visit the Pok Mart rst and prepare for the adventure ahead.

Sprout Tower is a tower where Sages train. A pillar runs though the structure from 1F to 3F, and the whole tower resonates with a booming sound. The Elder is waiting on the top oor. The Gastly come out at night When it gets dark, Gastly appear inside the tower.

Since theyre Ghost-type Pokmon, Normal-type moves wont do a thing against them. Dont go in at night unless youre ready for a tough fight! Sprout Tower is full of Sages who challenge visitors to battle. The letter A on 1F leads to letter A on 2F.

You rival is on 3F getting what sounds like a lecture from Elder Li, but your rival isnt paying much attention. Its obvious that hes here for the same reason as you: Who can use Flash? Out of the Pokmon youve seen so far, you can teach Flash to Chikorita, Bellsprout, Mareep, and some others. Bellsprout appears on Route 31 and Mareep on Route Talk to Elder Li on 3F, and hell challenge you to battle.

Defeat him to receive TM70 Flash. As Elder Li explains, you can teach a Bellsprout this move. You cant explore the entire cave without the HMs Surf and Strength, but its a good place to train your Pokmon before your Violet Gym battle.

Having defeated Elder Li, you can now head over to the Violet Gym. Youre perfectly capable of walking out, or you could use the Escape Rope you found on 3F to instantly return to the tower entrance. Route 46 to New Bark Town Protected by copyright. Violet Gym only uses Flying-type Pokmon, so Rocktype moves will be super effective. Go catch one on Route 31 if you havent yet p.

With Flash, you can light up the darkness. As you explore Dark Cave, youll eventually reach a point where you cant go any further. To continue exploring, you need the HMs Surf and Strength. Finish up with the cave for now and return to Violet Gym for your challenge p. Once youve won at the Goldenrod Gym and gained the ability to use HM Strength in the eld, come back to pick up the items you missed.

The cave exit leads to Route 46 p. From Route 45, you can access part of Dark Cave that you cant reach from the Route 31 entrance. Be sure to come back, because theres an item here that isnt available anywhere else.

The BlackGlasses raise the power of Dark-type movestalk to the man in the back of the cave to get them. With these Pokmon on your team, youll have no trouble getting where you need to go. Togepi hatches from the Mystery Egg and evolves into Togetic when it levels up with high friendship. On the western side of Route 36, talk to the young man near the sign. Hell give you HM Rock Smash. Since youve already beaten the Violet Gym, youve fullled the prerequisite for using Rock Smash and can now use it in the eld.

Talk to him to receive the Hard Stone. If youve met all of his siblings, youll get the Careless Ribbon p. If you head west along Route 36, youll nd your path blocked by an odd tree.

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To clear the way, youll need to get the SquirtBottle in Goldenrod City p. For now, take Route 36 south and visit the Ruins of Alph instead.

At the Ruins of Alph, you can encounter the mysterious Unown, Pokmon resembling letters of the alphabet p. Water the odd tree with the SquirtBottle you got in Goldenrod City p. Use a Pok Ball to catch it! Once youve done that, you can continue to Route Once youve caught, defeated, or run from Sudowoodo, Floria from the Flower Shop will give you the Berry Pots as thanks for keeping her amused. You can use the Berry Pots to grow Berries. Berry Pot. Grow like a pro Grow more Oran Berries There are four stages of Berry growth, and the Berries should be watered at each stage for maximum yield.

For Oran Berries, youll want to water them every four hours. Put your new Berry Pots to work by growing more Oran Berriesyoull need them once you reach Route 39 p. Once the Oran Berries are planted, youll have to wait 16 hours before you can harvest them. Be sure to keep them watered, too.

Talk to Sunny to receive the Magnet. If youve already met all of the other siblings, youll receive the Smile Ribbon p. Your next destination is Ecruteak City p. Head north on Routes 36 and 37, battling Trainers as you go.

Youll nd three colors of Apricorn growing on trees along the way. Youll want to harvest them all. The Ruins of Alph have existed since ancient times. The great age of the ruins means that they contain many mysteries that remain unsolved to this day.

If you can unlock the riddles here, youll meet 28 different kinds of Unown! Route 36 to Violet City. The Ruins of Alph are lled with unsolved mysteries, and its ancient Pokmon carvings are being restored. As luck would have it, there are lots of rocks here that you can destroy with Rock Smash. Take a lap around the ruins and be sure to get them all. Pick up mysterious signals on your Pokgear If you turn on the radio when there are Unown around, you wont hear any regular broadcasts.

Instead, youll hear a mysterious sound that seems to be Unown communication. What could this strange radio wave be? Solve the puzzle of the stone panel in the middle of the upper-right entrance 1. The top screen has a hint: Once you solve the puzzle, youll be dropped into the underground hall and encounter the Unown p. More kinds of Unown appear More kinds of Unown will appear in the underground hall as you progress through the puzzles. When you drop into the underground hall, youre greeted by a young man whos amazed that you solved the stone-panel puzzle.

Youll encounter Unown as soon as you hit the underground hall. There are 28 kinds of Unown in the Ruins of Alphgive yourself the fun challenge of catching them all. Inspect the stone panel at the back of the upper-right entrance 1 and youll see a sequence of Unown letters.

To get any further, youll have to use a certain item in front of the back wall. The Unown letters provide a hint. Take breaks to visit the Research Center and chat with the Researchers p. Even if you want to keep catching all the different Unown, be satised with what you have for nowyoull need HM Surf before you can nd more.

Head east from the ruins to Route 32 and your next destination: Azalea Town p. To get to the area you couldnt access before, use Surf as shown in the screen to the right and enter the shrine at point H. There you can access the lower-right entrance 1 to nd the next puzzle. Stand in the middle of the lower-right entrance 1 and solve the stonepanel puzzle. Theres a hint for this one, too: Solve the puzzle and youll drop into the underground hall to nd more of the Unown p.

Examine the stone panel at the back of the lower-right entrance 1 and youll nd a message carved in Unown letters. Its a hint about the move you need to use here in order to advance.

Solve the stone-panel puzzle in the middle of the upper-left entrance 1.

The letters provide a hint: Once you solve the puzzle, youll tumble into the underground hall and encounter Unown p. Look at the stone panel in the back of the upper-left entrance 1 to nd a message carved in Unown letters. The letters provide a hint about which Pokmon you should bring in order to proceed past the wall. Solve the stone-panel puzzle in the middle of the lower-left entrance 1.

The letters give you a hint: Once you complete the puzzle, youll fall into the underground hall full of Unown page When you examine the stone panel at the back of the lower-left entrance 1, youll nd a message carved in Unown letters. It provides a hint about which item to use in order to advance past the wall. Once youve caught all 26 Unown shapes from A to Z, two new kinds,!

Catch them to complete your collection of Unown. Routes 32 and 33 Magnet Train tracks cut across the lush expanse of Route Ring Drop. Disc Catch. Lamp Jump. Snow Throw. Pokwalker Guide The Official Pokmon Johto Pokdex Ahead of you is an epic journey through the Johto region. It is a land consumed by turmoil, a place where new and old collide. What Pokmon will you meet? What events await you? Let the grand adventure begin!

When the youth arrived at Professor Oaks Pokmon Lab, a wonderful proposal awaited. There are three Pokmon here You can have one. Go on, choose! So, the youth chose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, picking the Pokmon that seemed best.

Then along came a rivalBlue. To Contents Blue immediately challenged the youth to a Pokmon Battle. But the youth defeated Blue, showing great skill in doing so.

After seeing how well the youth and that Pokmon battled, Professor Oak knew he had found a great talent. The Professor then gave the youth an important mission. That mission was to complete the Pokdex, a task that would require traveling through the entire Kanto region and catching all of the kinds of Pokmon said to live there!

With a heart full of passion, the youth set out on the journey.Make sure youre ready for battle before you go in. To Contents With Team Rocket defeated, the youths glorious adventure resumed. Status Moves like the weatherchanging Rain Dance or moves that alter a users or foes stats are considered status moves.

The Professor then gave the youth an important mission. Before you start training a Pokmon, check its Nature and Characteristic so that you can make the most of its strongest stats. Once you can use HMs Strength and Surf, youll be able explore deeper inside the Well and find more items. Learn their effects and how to effectively combine them with moves.

When you talk to the man near the Fisherman, he asks you if you collect Apricorns.