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Free site ePUB or PC r blocwindcotssidi.gating a ruthless plot against her, she fled her aristocratic England home on a privateer s ship bound for the luxurious pirate . Lady Vixen Nails & Spa is a new Beauty Salon in Salem, New Hampshire that has built in Lady Vixen (Louisiana, #5) by Shirlee Busbee. Best site ePUB or Ipad sy, he whisks her away for his own enjoyment As Download Gypsy Lady (Louisiana #1) author Shirlee Busbee – ElementsThis was Busbee s first novel, and was followed by LADY VIXEN to.

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Adam's sudden appearance around one of the black boulders startled her, and she gave a faint cry of surprise. His bright blue eyes lighting up with laughter, he grinned at her, waving two gold guineas under her nose.

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But you would never have been able to keep up, little sister, and if you had screeched like you did just now, our ruse would have been discovered in a moment. For a second he regarded them, thinking that they were, indeed, as Reina had begun to harp lately, growing up. Tamara was still a child, but the slight budding of her slender body gave the hint that she was fast leaving her babyhood years behind. Adam, however, already stood nearly six feet tall, with a pair of nicely filled out shoulders that made more than one Romany girl stare at him with admiration.

His hair, gypsy black, was in almost direct contrast to the reckless blue of his eyes, and like his sister, he had a charming smile that blinded.

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There existed little physical resemblance between the children, but as they had been fathered by different men and were actually only half brother and sister, it was not surprising that they bore little resemblance to each other. In fact, the only common feature they shared beyond their delightful smile was the color of their hair, and even then, Tamara's held a blue blackness that Adam's lacked.

It was in the eyes, though, that the greatest difference lay Tamara' s were almost almond-shaped and an incredible clear shade of violet, fringed by the thickest, blackest lashes Manuel had ever seen.

Little Tamara, he decided sagely, was certainly going to break some hearts one day. Absently he shook his head, thinking of the changes the years would bring and wondering if the children's real history would ever be revealed.

But that was up to Reina, he thought hastily. He wasn't about to dance on the air at the end of a rope by talking about events best forgotteneven if Reina had lately begun to mutter otherwise.

The dispute between Adam and Tamara ended as it usually did with Adam affectionately throwing his arms around his sister and laughing, "Now, now, Kate, stop it! You winI did creep up behind you.

No matter how many times Adam had been scolded and punished and warned not to, he persisted in calling his sister, Kate. Even now, in memory, Manuel could see him, a bewildered five-year-old, his blue eyes cloudy with confusion crying, "She is not Tamarashe's Kate! Bless the devil that no one questioned that oddity!

Manuel thought grimly and said, "Lower your voices, you two. There could be revenue agents about, and we don't need them finding us here. He handed them the reins to their horses, and with lithe grace they both swung up onto the bare backs of the animals. Manuel was a little in front of them, looking in their direction and preparing to mount his own horse, when the sudden, dismayed expression on Tamara's face made him whirl around.

His face blanched; there before them, her eyes snapping with fury, her thin shoulders covered with a crimson shawl as ragged as Tamara's, stood Reina.

That she was angry was very apparentit vibrated from her, and Manuel, who was forty years old, suddenly felt like a frightened child. A deathly quiet descended, and Reina let them simmer in it as she surveyed the three guilty faces. You shall answer to me later. And you"her eyes were hard and without the usual glimmer of affection in their depths as they swept over Adam and Tamara"shall regret this evening's work for a long time to come. They had seen Reina angry before and often at them, but never like this.

There was something faintly ominous in her words, and a shiver of unease trickled down Tamara's spine.

Adam made a halfhearted attempt to wheedle Reina out of her current fury, but it fell flat, and after she had given them the rough side of her tongue, she ordered them to return to the gypsy camp. Chastened and apprehensive, they threw Manuel a glance of commiseration and fled, leaving him to face the full brunt of his mother's wrath. And face it he did. Reina gave him such a tongue-lashing that when at last she subsided, he was nearly limp.

She glared at him and then spun on her heels and began marching the mile or so to where they were camped. Meekly, leading his horse, Manuel walked by his mother's side. He stole a glance at her set features.

Seeing that the worst of her hot anger had abated, he asked somberly, "What do you intend to do? Beat them? Adam is no longer a child, he would not submit to it, nor will he allow you to do the same to Tamara. So how will you punish them? She gave a heavy sigh, and Manuel's conscience bothered him. He had been as much at fault tonight as the two young onesmore so, because he knew better. He should have known Reina would discover themshe always did. Looking at her worn features, he realized that Reina was growing old.

Too old, he thought, to control a lively pair like Adam and Tamara. It was no use telling himself that he should take them in handno one knew better than he that he was like wax in their eager young hands, particularly Tamara's, the little minx. They continued on in silence, and Manuel had come to the conclusion that Reina was ignoring his earlier question when she said suddenly.

And after a moment, he shocked himself by blurting out, "We did wrong in stealing them, Reina. We should never have allowed ourselves to be tempted by that man's gold. What real harm have we done? Besides, if we hadn't agreed to do it, the money would only have been given to someone elsesomeone who wouldn't have hesitated to slit their throats and throw the bodies down a well. Maybe we were wrongbut we needed the gold badly, and Adam and Tamara have been happy. I doubt if they even remember.

Tamara wouldn't, she was only a baby, barely two years old. I've always wondered why he wanted both children taken. Tamara was the only one who was a threat. Why Adam, too? A stepson would have done as well if there were no other heirs. There are no such things. It is merely in how you look at things. We took them, and we've cared for them. Now is not the time for you to turn squeamish.

They reached the cluster of caravans and shabby tents that comprised the settlement and parted, Manuel going to take care of his horse and Reina entering a large tent near the center of the camp. Tamara was curled on her pallet on the ground. Warily she watched Reina as the gypsy woman prepared for bed. It was only when Reina had laid herself down that Tamara was able to relax and try to sleep.

But she slept badly and woke the next morning with a feeling of impending doom. Reina was withdrawn and aloof, as if her displeasure with them had not yet abated. Even Adam's persistent attempts to make the old woman smile met with no response other than a preoccupied stare.

He made a rueful grimace at Tamara as they sat on the ground near one of the blazing fires eating their breakfast of warm broth and black bread. She did not like to cause Reina pain and she was, at the moment, feeling very guilty. Tomorrow she would laugh, but right now her spirit was unusually subdued. Adam gave her a quick hug, and it was thus that Reina found them. She stared at them a long second, then asked coldly, "Have you finished?

Come with me! It was well known that this winding path led to the earl of Mount's estate, but they wondered what Reina intended to do.

Gypsies were not welcomed at the homes of the respectable, especially not at the elegant houses of the wealthy and aristocratic members of English society. And the house, appearing at the end of a tree-lined lane, was imposing enough to give most people pause. Made of weathered gray stone, it was built on massive lines. Flanked as it was by two ivycovered turrets, it was not surprising that Mountacre was frequently referred to as "the castle. Expecting to be led around to the back of the house, they were nearly dumbfounded when Reina purposefully strode up the wide front steps and lifted the polished brass knocker.

A very correct, uniformed butler opened the door at Reina's imperious rap. For a moment he stared at them in lofty disdain. Then as the full import hit himthat these nasty, dirty creatures that camped brazenly in the meadow were actually demanding entrancehe took an involuntary step backwards.

Outraged by such a shameless action, he was about to slam the door in their faces when by chance his gaze fell upon Tamara's interested face, and a gasp of astonishment escaped him.

Seeing his reaction and guessing its cause, Reina asked dryly, "Now will you take us to the earl? It was his voice calling irritably, "Who is it, Bekins? For God's sake don't keep them standing in the doorway," that made the butler usher the three into the hall.

Adam and Tamara stood very close to one another, looking curiously about them at the sumptuous house. Golden framed mirrors lined the walls, a crystal chandelier hung overhead, and beneath their feet the white marble floor glistened like newly fallen snow.

Standing at the base of a gracefully curving staircase was a very fashionably attired gentleman and lady. A younger man, with a sardonic face, was crossing the hall to join them, but at the sight of the gypsies, he stopped suddenly, a flash of what could have been fear flickering in his cold gray eyes.

The two on the staircase remained motionless. The woman's hand was resting on the man's sleeve and it appeared that they had just descended and were on their way into one of the other rooms. The older man, his face wrinkled attractively with age and his blue-black hair liberally sprinkled with silver could only be the earl of Mount, Lord Tremayne.

The woman, looking delightful in a soft muslin gown of rose- pink, although much younger than he, was obviously his wife, the Lady Tremayne. The younger man was apparently either a guest or a relative. Tamara regarded them with only tepid interest, but as the earl's face took on a scowl of displeasure at the sight of the unkempt trio cluttering up his hallway, her own small features unconsciously mimicked his and she glowered back fiercely.

But Adam suffered a shock at the vision of the slender, blue-eyed woman at the earl's side. Prompted by a feeling of familiarity, he took a hesitant step forward, frowning in puzzlement. And Lady Tremayne, staring at him like one transfixed, whitened visibly, her hand clutching frantically at her husband's sleeve.

The earl glanced at her in surprise, but her gaze was swinging in agonizing disbelief from the tall youth in front of her to the tangled-haired girl standing next to him. His eyes followed the direction of his wife's, and his expression became one of frank incredulity when he looked fully at the two children. Then his voice trailed off into silence as he scrutinized Tamara. His breath caught painfully in his throat as Tamara's violet eyes plunged into his, eyes as violet as his own.

Like one in a daze he stared into those tilted eyes and dimly, as if from a great distance, he heard the old woman say, "Here is your daughter Catherine, m'lord, who we have named Tamara. And your stepson, Adam.

They have grown annoying, and I am too old to fight with the tantrums of the young. Take them!


He said the name softly to himself, feeling again the shock of recognition he had felt earlier this evening when he had glanced up and there, just beyond the main room of the inn, he had seen his one-time boyhood friend.

That Davalos had not expected to see Jason was obvious from the start he gave, his Spanish black eyes widening in dismayed surprise, and the haste with which he had plunged outside. Jason had risen to follow him, still not quite able to believe that it was indeed Bias Davalos. After all, Virginia was a long way from Spanish New Orleans, and Davalos was an officer in the Spanish armythat fact alone should have precluded his sudden appearance in American Virginia.

Frowning in the darkness of the room, Jason admitted it was an accident that he had decided to stay overnight at the inn instead of returning to Greenwood, his father's estate, this evening. His horse had thrown a shoe and Annie, the woman who lay at his side had proved to be as accommodating as he remembered.

Dusk had been falling by the time the new shoe was in place and rather than face the fifteen mile journey in the cold and the dark to his father's home, he had sent a message on to his father that he would be delayed and would not arrive until morning. And there was the knowledge that Annie was waiting for him. So, if things had been different, he would not have been at the inn and would not have seen Davalos. Knowing sleep was impossible, Jason rose from the warm quilts of the bed and with that jungle-cat grace peculiarly his own, he stalked naked to the wooden- shuttered window.

Undaunted by the chill of the night air, he threw open the shutters and leaned his arms on the sill, staring out at the landscape. The moonlight filtering in made him an arresting study of silver and black. His black hair appeared silver in the deceiving rays of the moon; the green of his eyes was shuttered and dark; his nose, the high cheek bones and the frankly sensuous mouth were bathed in silver; his chin and the hollows of his cheeks were in stark black, making his face at once handsome and yet unyielding and harsh in the waning moonlight.

The corded muscles of his arms stood out, the moonlight caressing the gold and emerald band that encircled one arm, and the fine black hair of his chest stirred lightly as a faint breeze blew in from outside. Jason, lost in his thoughts, was unaware of the coolness that swept into the room.

Still frowning, he wondered again of Davalos's presence. It could have been coincidence, he thought slowly, but somehow he doubted it.

There was some sixth sense that warned him of danger, and he wondered suddenly, bleakly, if Nolan had experienced the same feeling of unease before he had left on that last fatal trip to the Palo Duro Canyon. For a moment Jason's finely cut mouth twisted in half-healed pain as he remembered that Nolan was deaddead by Davalos's hand.

Oh, Jesus, he thought angrily, you fool, let it be. Nolan was a man, and he'd known the risks. But stubbornly, Jason's mind wouldn't let it rest, seeming to take perverse delight in reminding him of the ugly incident, almost enjoying the hurt it created.

Nolan was deadas were all the men who had accompanied him On the journey, except one. And that one survivor had recently returned to tell a tale of betrayal and horrora tale that was vehemently denied by the Spanish government in New Orleans. But Jason believed ithe knew Davalos and knew what Davalos was capable of.

Gypsy Lady by Shirlee Busbee

Jason's fist clenched, and he cursed the fate that had arranged that he be gone from the country when Nolan had left New Orleans. But it did him little goodhe was honest enough to admit that he and Blood Drinker would not have been part of Nolan's expedition under any circumstance. And even if he had been in New Orleans, he would not have known soon enough that Davalos had cleverly convinced the governor that Nolan was actually a spy, that Nolan meant trouble; nor would he have known when Davalos and his troop of hardened soldiers had departed to stop, at all cost, the American Nolan's further penetration into Spanish territory.

Davalos knew that Nolan was Jason's good friend and that would have given Davalos reason enough to hate the man. Even so, Jason could not convince himself that it had been merely to get back at himself that Davalos had gone after Nolan. There had to be another reason.

Unconsciously, his hand touched the gold and emerald band on his arm. Nolan had worn the twin and though Nolan's body and personal effects had been returned, there had been no gold band.

For a minute Jason considered that fact. Davalos was greedy, and the lone survivor had stated that Nolan had been alive when they had surrendered to the Spanish troop. The official report claimed that Nolan had been killed resisting, but Jason's informant had shaken his head violently at this, saying that no one had been killed in the exchange of shots and that Nolan had agreed to a surrender only after Davalos had offered them safe conduct to the border.

Jason smiled grimly in the moonlight. Davalos had broken his word. The men had been taken and tortured, and the last time the lone survivor had seen Nolan he was heavily manacled and chained, being led away for further questioning by Davalos Davalos alone. Jason sighed, his face clearly unhappy. Upon his return to New Orleans, he learned that Davalos had been the one to go after Nolan and for that reason only, he had challenged Davalos to a duel. But, unfortunately, Jason remembered Davalos when they had been friends, and so when the moment came to thrust his sword deep into Davalos, he stayed his hand and instead scarred him for lifehis blade slicing an ugly stroke across Davalos's forehead and eyebrow.

Of course then he hadn't known all the facts. Angry and sick with the thoughts that kept winding and twisting in his mind, Jason turned away from the window and walked quickly back to the bed.

His body, cool from the night air, gave a sudden chill in the woman as he slid in beside her. Sleepily she turned in his direction and murmured, "Jason? I wish the story was made into a longer book, not a short category romance. The heroine was quite a bore and had issues because she let her mom talk her into marrying her best friend because of what a great match it was.

I loved how Mik told her he wanted a life with her, babies with her, and how even after she told him no the first time, she still wore the ring around her noea. Luring a Lady Stanislaski Family, book 2 by Nora Roberts The whole Stanislaskis family is an awesome experience in itself and they make great supporting characters.

Jan 08, Shannon rated it liked it. Lists with This Book.

I really enjoyed the way Roberts created the difficult relation between Sydney and her mother. Lady, he cheated on you because he was a douchebag and that is all. The MacKade Brothers Collection. Open Preview See a Problem? If your parcel has robrrts arrived after this time, contact customer services for help.Tomorrow she would laugh, but right now her spirit was unusually subdued.

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