AMERICAN SMALL ARMS,. It is doubtful at what time guns were first used as sporting arms; but early French and Italian works seem to indicate the close of the . The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This extensive and useful encyclopedia is. Read ebook Ebook download The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Guns: Pistols, Rifles, Revolvers, Machine and Submachine Guns Through.

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In the six years between armoured vehicles mounting powerful guns running sometimes women) used to fight Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II. Self-Propelled Guns and Howitzers. Towed Guns and Howitzers. Vehicle Guns. GROUND COMBAT VEHICLES. Air Defense Vehicles. Read The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Guns PDF - Pistols, Rifles, Revolvers , Machine And Submachine Guns Through History In

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns

Historically, the term 'pistol' was synonymous with 'handgun'. In modern use, however, 'pistol' is often used to refer to gas-operated self-loading handguns with a detachable magazine containing numerous cartridges. Three variants of pistols can be identified: single-shot, derringer small pocket firearms with multiple barrels, each loaded and fired separately , and self-loading.

Revolvers , by contrast, feature a revolving cylinder that houses several usually five to seven separate chambers, each of which contains a cartridge.

See small arms entry for information on traceability and durability. Pistols and revolvers are covered by a range of multilateral instruments treaty and soft law regulating small arms.

Machine pistols are treated in the Encyclopaedia entry on sub-machine guns.

Last updated on: 08 February Arquebuses were invented in the late fourteenth century see Encyclopedia weapons entry on rifles and carbines. Starting as large and unwieldy weapons, they were progressively miniaturised, leading to the appearance of the first pistols in the mid-fifteenth century.

List of firearms

At first the new invention was of little use. Firearms were very inaccurate affairs, and pistols even more so due to their short barrel.

Light and small, they could have been handy for cavalry, but firearms could not be carried on horseback as long as matchlock firing mechanisms required carrying a lit match at all times. Then in the mid-fifteenth century, the wheel lock mechanism was invented: this ingenious mechanism used a spring to spin a wheel when released, creating sparks that could ignite the powder. The mechanism was very expensive and delicate, and not easy to reload, but it meant that pistols could now be carried and fired on horseback.

The pistol had found its niche. After much discussion, we have selected From onward, the inventions and designs, stimulated by the inventive awareness of the 19th century and aided by the rapid im- provements in machinery and manu- facturing technique due to the Indus- trial Revolution, became an ever- widening stream.

Into this stream we have cast a very selective line; the sheer number of firearms designs patented since would fill several volumes, and we have, therefore, chosen those which we think deserve mention for their innovation, their effect on firearms history and design, their wide use in war and recreation, and their outright fame.

It might be thought that there is a bias toward military weapons rather than sporting ones, but the fact, un- palatable as it may be, remains that the far greater part of firearms de- velopment has its roots in military re- quirements, and it is after the military application has been seen to work that the idea then passes to the sporting side.

In other hands, the mixture and balance might well have been differ- ent; but we believe that the following pages offer the reader the significant elements of the history of firearms in a convenient and concise form.

All these systems had some degree of success, but the one which eventu- ally superseded all others was the most simple, that of the percussion cap.

This appears to have been developed simultaneously by several inventors between and After some false starts, the percus- sion cap settled down to a very simple pattern, that of a top hat of copper with a small coating of detonating powder inside the crown, secured there by a coat of varnish which also served to waterproof it.

The hammer fell, crushing the cap against the edges of the nipple and thus firing the detonating powder so as to send a powerful flash down the vent. A slight defect of the early caps was that, due to weak copper and strong powder, the caps frequently split, fragments flying off and endangering the firer. This was countered by making the hammer face hollow, so that at the moment of ignition the cap was entire- ly surrounded by steel.

As usual with a new idea, there was no rush by the military to adopt it overnight. Features a 2-inch-long barrel and fixed sights.

Features a 3-inch-long barrel and fixed sights.

Features a new finish, and new front and adjustable rear sights. Features a 4-inch-long barrel and fixed sights.

Features new front and adjustable rear sights. Features a 6-inch-long barrel and new front and adjustable rear sights. Features a 6-inch-long barrel and LPA sights. Features a 4-inch-long barrel and adjustable rear sights. Features a 6-inch-long barrel and adjustable rear sights.

he development of firearms is related to the discovery of gunpowder as the propellant for

Features a 6-inch-long barrel, LPA sights, and has a 6-round cylinder capacity rather than the 9-round cylinder that the other models have. Features a 6-inch-long barrel, LPA sights, and has a 6-round cylinder capacity rather than the 8-round cylinder that the other models have.The key can be pressed in, and then works as a magazine catch.

Prototypes only. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

Shestakov: Strelkovy sport. Stammel, H. Once a satisfactory method was found, experiments shifted to the ejection of the spent cartridges.

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