Topcoder tutorials have always been a good resource to learn new algorithms and techniques. And does anyone have a pdf or any other format version of them? (listed on the left) still work with the old site, only algorithm tutorials don't. Since topcoder has many features apart from algorithms, It's difficult at beginning to find Where should I look for pdf version of topcoder algorithmic tutorials?. document which contains algorithm descriptions, ex- .. has published over 60 articles, book chapters and tutorials on software engineering.

Topcoder Algorithm Tutorials Pdf

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By reading several algorithm books, going over Computer Science tutorials on the. TopCoder website and by solving many questions on the UVA online judge. Are you familiar with the following situation? You open the Div I Medium and don' t know how to approach it, while a lot of people in your room. I think the Top Coder tutorials are really thought provoking and they cover a lot of ground. A really good summary of the core concepts which.

The link seems to be broken right now. I was hitting this by Google searches previously, and the respective search results give now too, so this used to be the right link.

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However, feature articles and other track tutorials listed on the left still work with the old site, only algorithm tutorials don't. We are currently migrating the pages and thus you won't see them in the best of look and feel.

They will be up and fixed very soon. If you are looking for a certain tutorial let me know. I will fetch the content for you.

Tutorials are back at the same link , with a new look! It's nice that the tutorials are back now, but just in case something you're looking for somewhere is under development, you can almost always find it on the Wayback Machine: Enter Register.

Before contest Codeforces Round Div. Policy based data structures. Where are Topcoder tutorials?

Comments 8. Write comment? It is working now. DrHankPym on Oct 14, Would totally download if there was an e-book version.


Am I the only one that thinks the tutorials are a bit weird. For example: They allocate new arrays in each recursive call Another example: Shortest-Path search.

A-Star is not mentioned. Agreed but you have to keep in mind what the algorithms are being used for. You're going to have better luck implementing Dijkstra's quickly in a competition than you are A-Star. Not to mention A-Star is based mostly on heuristics and if you don't have time or don't care then bad heuristics makes it just as fast as Dikstra's.

Regarding A-star, it doesn't generally come up in this kind of contest. In a programming contest in which the programs compete against each other, instead of passing or failing, A-star would be much more important.

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I suffer at times from being too polite. Thanks for starting the drilling. One note to make is that these tutorials are specifically designed for programming contests not for the real world. A lot of the stuff applies to both, but things like constant factor optimization and heuristics are generally not part of programming classes and a huge part of the real world.

I think the Top Coder tutorials are really thought provoking and they cover a lot of ground.

A really good summary of the core concepts which you can further research. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. Algorithm Tutorials topcoder.

Hitchhiker on Oct 14, http: Hitchhiker on Oct 14, In case you've not already, head toward http: SkyMarshal on Oct 14, And also its awesome home page: Hitchhiker on Oct 14, Absolutely.

Hitchhiker on Oct 14, err..

Hitchhiker on Oct 14, bless the author then, to solve the mystery, the referral code is simply the one here: Hitchhiker on Oct 14, I second him.After this we have the task: The intersection of R1 and R2 will be a rectangle R3 whose bottom-left corner is at max x1, x3 , max y1, y3 and top-right corner at min x2, x4 , min y2, y4. A salesman wants to visit N cities, and he knows how long it takes to get from each city to each other city. The most common type of atomic code you'll write is in the form of primitives.

Then we have a little bit of background information about the betting itself.

One algorithm that most programmers have probably used, even though they may not have known it, finds differences between two sequences. Now see the optimal solution to learn how it can be reduced.

Another algorithm that uses random numbers finds the median of a group of numbers with an average runtime of O N.